The minutes tick by as my brain buzzes with ideas and recollections of the day.   Usually I have no problem falling asleep.  Five minutes after my head hits the pillow I’m out for the count.  A navy SEAL team could storm through my bedroom and I wouldn’t even notice.  So imagine my confusion at my current predicament.  Here I am tapping away at the keyboard because I can’t bear to lie in bed staring at the ceiling and letting my brain whir away.  Better to be doing something productive, writing on my blog for the first time in months.

The flat is finally looking more tidy.  Things are all packed away in cupboards.  Time for a flat warming party soon I think before the flat is no longer considered new.  I bought the HTC Desire HD that I had my eye on.  It’s great.  Lots of apps and hand gesturing.  I still haven’t read the manual or user guide so I’m wrestling with things like syncing calendars and tasks between my PC, the phone and Google Calendar.  Life was simpler with my previous phone, but then I was missing having a proper diary with me.  Plus now I have the internet with me whenever I go.  I can read BBC News when I’m on my way to work in the morning, check Google Maps if I am lost somewhere or want to get a taxi.

Lizie came to Taiwan a couple of weeks ago.  I was so pleased to see her, and finally one of my friends from home has met Trinity.  We went out for dinner one night and had a fun time as we showed Lizie and Claire around parts of Taipei and gave recommendations for what to do during a short stay.  On the Friday night I was entertained in what was a different world for me – the Shangri La’s bar on the 38th floor.  Fantastic views of Taipei at night and a far cry from the food stands and inexpensive Taiwanese restaurants that I frequent.  I worked my way through a couple of cocktails that linked me to past travels – one with manuka honey in honour of NZ and a caipirinha that transported me back to Brazil.

Trinity passed her driving test today.  I am so happy for her.  She has worked so hard to achieve her result, and in a manual car too.  Now comes the practice so she feels more comfortable on the road.  I don’t feel comfortable in the Taipei traffic so she’s certainly very brave.  Now that I have my international permit with me I have been doing some of the riding on Trinity’s scooter so that I am no longer pillion every time.  It’s quite fun, although having a swarm of scooters around you can feel a little intimidating at times, especially as everyone takes off at the lights.

Hopefully this is enough energy expended so I can fall into a quick slumber when I finally go back to bed.  Sorry for being away from the blog for so long.  I’ll try to update a little more often.

Take care all,



Digital problem solver / creative, programmer, sometime WWOOFer, traveller, meditator, English tutor. I love visiting new places, meeting new people and learning new skills. Currently grappling with Mandarin Chinese.

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