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There is only one more sleep until the general election on 8 June now. As if I needed another reason to vote against the Conservatives tomorrow, Theresa May has said today that if human rights laws “get in the way” of tackling terror suspects, “we will change the law so we can do it”. In support of this I received an election email from the Conservative party boasting that they will quite happily chip away at our human rights in order to win the fight against terrorism. Nick Clegg among others has pointed out that there are much more effective things the government could do [BBC News].

Why is there so often a rush from authority to take away our freedoms when a crisis comes knocking? After the Manchester bombing Amber Rudd called for a stop to end-to-end encryption in messenger apps like WhatsApp, something that is still very much on the table. This article explains why that is a bad idea. When you place a back-door in a system so that government agencies can monitor what is going on, you break it wide open for hackers and criminal gangs to also gain access. Sabotaging encryption is bad for businesses that need secure methods of communication, it is bad for personal privacy and in the long run it will only temporarily hamper efforts by those who wish to terrorize us.

Please go out and vote tomorrow and please vote tactically to oust your Conservative MP. Message me if you need someone to swap votes with.



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