Fun on Two Wheels

At the beginning of the year I took the motorcycle CBT course with my friend Mark. I thought of it as an experience day, like flying in a microlight. Though I had ridden a scooter in Taiwan, I wasn’t sure how I would cope with riding a geared motorcycle, having to coordinate clutch and gear changes along with balancing and cornering. It turned out to be great fun and a new way to enjoy the road. After the course I started looking at motorbikes and bought a second-hand Honda CB125F with only 800 miles on the clock.

My Honda CB125F

I have been riding for seven months now. At first I took the bike out a couple of times a week to practice junctions and roundabouts. I didn’t have anywhere I needed to go and this was more about familiarising myself with the bike and practising what I had learned during CBT. Occasionally I would use it to ride the 4 mile journey to work instead of cycling. Now and again Mark and I would ride out to the Chalet CafĂ© near Cowfold for a bit of breakfast on a Saturday and a fun ride on country roads. It is fair to say that by this point I have gained a lot more confidence on the bike and I do more filtering in queueing traffic than at the beginning.

The next step is to progress from the 125cc to a bigger bike by taking the Direct Access test, but to do that I need to save up for some lessons.


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