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90 Year Calendar In Weeks

It is with a wry smile that I remember the number of times that I have avoided an important task by reading blog posts and articles explaining how to avoid procrastinating. While it may not have been the most appropriate

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UK Election – Part 2

Just a little something to lighten things up after my last post:

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UK Election

There is only one more sleep until the general election on 8 June now. As if I needed another reason to vote against the Conservatives tomorrow, Theresa May has said today that if human rights laws “get in the way”

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First Past the Post Doesn’t Work

There are now only 21 days until the UK general election and all the political talk going on has reminded me of a few videos on CGP Grey’s fantastic YouTube channel about voting systems. In the UK we have a

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On yer bike!

I have always enjoyed driving, ever since my dad paid for my driving lessons when I turned eighteen. The feelings of movement and independence combined with the excitement of exploration. It helped that I had an innate aptitude for driving

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Brighton Soup

Back in December I attended Brighton Soup at the suggestion of a friend. It is a bit like Dragon’s Den but for local projects. This post has been sitting as a draft for two months, but with the next Brighton Soup

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Today is a day off and I am sitting at my computer with my first coffee of the day.  I just glanced over my shoulder to look on the street to see a man systematically throwing fist-fulls of small stones

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