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Back home…for now

Wow!  How much can change in just over a month?  My last bit of work in Australia was picking olives in Victoria.  When I returned to Melbourne with Trinity and Maygo everything on the work front went very quiet.  Faced

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Olive Picking

It feels like I’ve been in Melbourne far longer than I have.  It feels a bit like a home from home, a comfortable place to spend some time.  Maybe it’s because we’re staying in our third place here in Melbourne. 

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First days in Melbourne

Trinity and I have been in Melbourne for a week now, with Claire joining us the day after we arrived.  We’re in a house share in the north of the city and have been looking for work.  Trinity has found

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Adelaide to Melbourne

Trinity, Claire and I stayed in Adelaide for a week.  Trinity found an advert for a room in a shared house that would take short-term stays, so we avoided having to pay lots of money for a hostel.  When we

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The Long Journey South

It’s been over a month since my last post and I have so much to tell.  How could I have left you without news for so long?  Trinity and I are now in Melbourne with her friend Claire looking for

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Final Week in Darwin

I have one more week in Darwin and I can’t wait to say goodbye to the place. The fire alarm went off at the hostel *twice* last night adding to my sense of relief that I am heading towards Adelaide

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Valentine’s Weekend

My weekend started early last week.  Late Thursday night I was waiting for my flight to Brisbane for a weekend with Trinity.  My flight touched down early Friday morning and by seven o’clock I had dropped my bags at Base

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