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Sunflower Movement

The last two or three weeks have seen the world’s media focused on the Ukraine crisis as it has unfolded. We have watched as protest and demonstration led to the collapse of the Russian friendly Ukraine government. A geopolitical dance

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And so time in Taiwan goes on

I have been studying Mandarin Chinese at Shida University’s Mandarin Training Center for two months now and I find it difficult to recollect my level of Chinese prior to the course, and therefore the progress that I have made.  That

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TED – Ideas Worth Spreading

In a new attempt to make new friends in Taipei I attended another Meetup event on Monday night.  This one was created by one of the members of the Expat Meetup Group and not the group that I have previously

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Yes, the Swedish purveyor of neat space-saving solutions and Swedish meatballs is inescapable even here in Taiwan.  Come to think of it, Taipei is definitely a city where IKEA’s ethos of utilising as much of your living space as possible

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Outside the window of our flat thick grey clouds stretch as far as I can see.  Not a sliver of sunlight is able to break through.  I’m ecstatic!  If I was back in the UK this is the type of

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Still looking

It has been a bit over two weeks since my last post and I am still looking for a teaching job here in Taipei.  I have started applying for jobs teaching children as well as adults after accepting that the

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Tropical Taipei

Seven days here in Taipei now and I’m slowly acclimatising to the place.  Can a blog post from a Briton go by without reference to the weather?  Not this time.  The humidity here almost knocked me off my feet when

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