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The New Neighbourhood

Well I hope I haven’t left you all with abandonment issues.  It has been so long, and there is so much news to tell.  I won’t bore you by trying to list everything we’ve been up to in the last

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Nantou County

I have recently returned from a long weekend in Nantou with Trinity, so I once again have something interesting to share with friends and passers-by to this blog.  In due course I will also put up some photos from the

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And so time in Taiwan goes on

I have been studying Mandarin Chinese at Shida University’s Mandarin Training Center for two months now and I find it difficult to recollect my level of Chinese prior to the course, and therefore the progress that I have made.  That

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The minutes tick by as my brain buzzes with ideas and recollections of the day.   Usually I have no problem falling asleep.  Five minutes after my head hits the pillow I’m out for the count.  A navy SEAL team could

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Tropical Taipei

Seven days here in Taipei now and I’m slowly acclimatising to the place.  Can a blog post from a Briton go by without reference to the weather?  Not this time.  The humidity here almost knocked me off my feet when

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A Blackhole

Seven days ago I staggered into the sunlight, the heavy weight on my shoulders easing, the mental fog beginning to lift.  Friends and family I hadn’t seen before my experience told me I had been gone for four weeks.  I

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The Long Journey South

It’s been over a month since my last post and I have so much to tell.  How could I have left you without news for so long?  Trinity and I are now in Melbourne with her friend Claire looking for

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