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Fun on Two Wheels

At the beginning of the year I took the motorcycle CBT course with my friend Mark. I thought of it as an experience day, like flying in a microlight. Though I had ridden a scooter in Taiwan, I wasn’t sure

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First Past the Post Doesn’t Work

There are now only 21 days until the UK general election and all the political talk going on has reminded me of a few videos on CGP Grey’s fantastic YouTube channel about voting systems. In the UK we have a

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Brighton Soup

Back in December I attended Brighton Soup at the suggestion of a friend. It is a bit like Dragon’s Den but for local projects. This post has been sitting as a draft for two months, but with the next Brighton Soup

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Brighton Half Marathon Final Result

I have only today realized that if I’m not connected to you on Facebook, then you’ve probably been without the news of my half marathon result. No longer. For the sake of completeness, a brief update follows. I ran the

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Half Marathon Update

So, only one week to go now before the Brighton Half Marathon.  Training has gone well, although I must admit to skipping a fair number of the easy and tempo runs.  I am hoping that having still completed each of

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Brighton Half Marathon 2016

Hello everyone; hello anyone. Given how long it is since my last post I will be lucky if I am not just mumbling into the ether with no one to hear me. I haven’t felt like writing for a long

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Bubble Tea Comes To Brighton

I went into Brighton today to grab the last items of Christmas shopping and what did I spy?  A bubble tea shop, of all things.  Just open a week, Chatime has brought a taste from Taiwan to my hometown.  I couldn’t

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